Monday, August 14, 2006

Khalifah's Children Carnival 4-6 Aug 2006, Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam.

Alhamdullilah, through UKS members (, Trisystems Engineering SB ( and several individuals, we managed to sell 4 tables to accomodate 38 people including kids and caretakers from rumah amal Baitul Fitrah to Khalifah Institute's hitea and concert in conjuntion with their chidren carnival day on 6-Aug-2006. The remaining fund collected was also enough to cover for the transporation cost.

Kepada yang menyumbang untuk Khalifah Institute's fund dan memberi peluang pada anak2 dari Baitul Fitrah untuk menikmati jamuan hitea & concert, semoga Allah memberkati dan murahkan rezeki semua. Ameen.

Here some pictures taken during the carnival.

coloring contest and story telling contest

Khalifah Institute booth and Muazzin production booth

Puan Sabariah of Little calips and UKS booth

Fathiah @ Tadika Dzul Iman and SCORE A's booths

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gambar2 di Baitul Fitrah

Kak Liza dan anak2 di ruang tamu flat Baitul Fitrah sedang ulangkaji pelajaran. This is the same place where they have their dinner (bersila atas lantai), sleep (pagi lepas bangun kena gulung tilam), study and solat berjemaah.

This picture was taken during one of my trip to Baitul Fitrah. This is where they stay, 5th floor of a low cost flat. Masa ni belum ada rumah lagi. Tempat anak2 ini bermain ni actually tempat laluan orang, tepi tangga. It was from this visit that I decided the kids here really need a proper home (house). No, bukan i pandang rendah flat ni. This place has been tempat diorang berteduh for the past months. With a house, hopefully they would have a proper place to live in, to study and to play...

This is the new home for Baitul Fitrah. Got it in early April. Rumah No.3, Jalan Desa, Bandar Country Home Rawang. Sorry, Jalan Desa tu ada nombor tapi i tak ingat.. will update later. At the moment, we will place the girls here while the boys still duduk kat flat, until we have the fund to have another house for the boys.

Yang kecik comel tu anak Kak Liza yang bongsu, namanya Fitrah... So, Baitul Fitrah ni diambil sempena nama anak Kak Liza ni lah..


OK. Ni dulu. Nanti I update lagi. -nadia loretta abdullah

To the kind souls..appreciation from the bottom of our heart


I wanted to write this to thank all of u (again) who hv been helping us to setup and run Baitul Fitrah from the beginning to what it is today... and also to convey the appreciation from Kak Liza (the caretaker), anak2 yatim Baitul Fitrah and ibu2 tunggal. Thank you for your compassion and generosity. May Allah reward you the best..

To the brothers & sisters of SUNY-SJ and EX-SUNY yahoo groups, u r the first people who came to helped us.. and members of UKS (, THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart... with your help, we started by renting flat murah for the kids... and we also manage to get some basic yet important things for the kids, such as fridge, rak pinggan, gas, dapur, food, tilam, selimut, bantal, etc. We also manage to pay (saguhati) someone to give maths tuition to the kids, to give them pocket money, settle school fees and transportation expenses, etc.

To bro Zul, who is a friend as well as customer, bro Ruzlan, bro Amir and his network of friends, THANK YOU for the guidance and advice on how to setup this home, as well as all the contribution (kasut sekolah, food, pakaian, cash, etc).

Also our appreciation go to a chinese couple who gave generously upon hearing about us, to some of my personal friends and relatives, beberapa penduduk country home rawang, selayang yang sudi jemput anak2 baitul fitrah for kenduri... terima kasih di atas sumbangan dan perhatian kalian pada anak2 di Baitul Fitrah.

Naliza introduced us to Leen and Badrul. Memang dah rezeki anak2 Baitul Fitrah.. Badrul was running "pledge your donation" project at that time. Upon knowing Baitul Fitrah, they contacted us and want to help us by fulfilling our wish list... masa tu memang rasa bersyukur sangat2... coz we were like in the midst of struggling to get a house for the kids as we got more and more kids coming to stay at baitul fitrah.. Please read more about the project at

Officially we got a new home on 2-Apr-2006. Rumah tu rumah lama actually. Banyaklah yang tak sempurna but because it is very near to the school, plus rental is within our target (rm500/mth), we took the house. On 8-Apr-2006, Badrul and gang visited Baitul Fitrah with a lorry of barang2 keperluan from the wish list... there were also contribution for ibu tunggal under our care.. again, THANK YOU from the bottom of our (anak2 di baitul fitrah & ibu2 tunggal) heart... terima kasih di atas usaha murni yang kalian buat ini..

On 9-April, bro Zaini, Rozaila & friend, Che Me & family visited us. The morning before that, i have received barang2 keperluan and cash contribution from our suny-sj friends yang tak sempat melawat baitul fitrah.. THANK YOU for spending time, effort, rezeki with anak2 ini..

The night before that, jiran pada Baitul Fitrah sedekah seekor lembu (meant for aqiqah) for anak2 yatim & ibu tunggal.. and that same day, ada one malay family yang duduk tak jauh dari rumah baitul fitrah datang tolong catkan pagar dan tembok.

Begitulah lebih kurang what has been going on in Baitul Fitrah.. Syukur Alhamdullilah atas apa yang diberi pada Baitul Fitrah.. hasrat hati nak nak cerita in detail but not very good at writting.. hopefully some of these notes and pictures taken helped in conveying the message.. So, THANK YOU for being a part of Baitul Fitrah.. YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE WELLBEING of these children & ibu tunggal yang susah and MADE A DIFFRENCE in their life.

Lets pray together.. so that we have the strength to keep doing this together.. not just for Baitul Fitrah, but also for others yang perlukan bantuan kita, InsyaAllah..

thanks n regards
nadia loretta abdullah

“And whatsoever you spend of anything (in the cause of Allaah), He will replace it. He is the Best of those who grants sustenance.” [Soorah Saba‘ 34:39]

Friday, April 14, 2006



The purpose of this blog is to capture if not all, at least the significant moments happen in Baitul Fitrah.. and to give feedbacks to those who help and contribute to the wellbeing of the kids there. Later in the future, I plan to put up more details on the history, about those who visited Baitul Fitrah, and other activities, InsyaAllah..

Briefly, Baitul Fitrah is setup by Kak Masliza since early this year. Before Baitul Fitrah, she has been taking care orphans in rumah kasih sayang in bandar puteri and also orphans that are staying with their mothers (ibu tunggal). Ibu2 tunggal yang Kak Liza bantu ni adalah dari golongan miskin dan susah. Ada yang kerja kilang dengan average salary RM400-500 a month dengan anak 4-6 orang. Ada juga yang menjual kuih dan nasi lemak. Di samping itu, ada yang kena sara ibubapa yang sudah tua dan tidak sihat. Although Kak Liza herself ada anak 8 orang, she and her husband still find the strength and time to help those in needs in whatever ways possible. Sometimes she would distribute beras dan minyak to the families and sometimes she will help by sending them to clinic or hospital when they are sick.

At the moment, there are about 40 kids under the care of Baitul Fitrah and 16 ibu tunggal. About 17 of the kids stay in Baitul Fitrah. We are renting a semi d house for the girls and a flat for the boys. Monthly expenses for the house and flat, makan-minum, belanja sekolah, clinic visit, etc is about RM5 to 6K a month. For the kids who are not staying in Baitul Fitrah, we are helping the mothers/ibu tunggal by settling the school fees, belikan baju and peralatan sekolah dan distribute food such as beras, gula dan minyak.

Up till today, we are able to support these kids with the donation (cash, food & barang2 keperluan) from many generous people. May Allah reward you for your deeds. If anyone would like to visit Baitul Fitrah or contribute in any ways, kindly email to or just call/sms me (hp:012-3751444).

nadia loretta abdullah